Children's Theater of Madison - To the Promised Land
Presented By Children's Theater of Madison

Children's Theater of Madison - To the Promised Land

For Young Adult Audiences

Sat, Apr 22 - Sun, Apr 30

The Playhouse: $26 - $38
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Enjoyed by everyone ages 10 and up


By Jonathan Gillard Daly

A young African-American girl’s experience growing up in Milwaukee during the civil rights movement is overlapped with the true story of Golda Meir, the future prime minister of Israel. Both girls grew up in the same house, but 60 years apart from each other. Using magical realism, the two girls form a friendship, discovering their shared strength and hope, and how they both overcome injustices to realize their dreams. We are proud to present this new compelling young adult drama by Milwaukee playwright-actor Jonathan Gillard Daly.

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