Artist Talk - The Golden Doors to Freedom
Presented By Overture Center

Artist Talk - The Golden Doors to Freedom

with William Adair

Thu, Apr 21, 2016

Rotunda Lobby: Free


Ages 6 and up


Join us for this special event in which visual artist William Adair will speak about his installation, The Golden Doors to Freedom, Thursday, April 21 at noon.

The Golden Doors to Freedom is a multifaceted art project where abandoned doors become portals to cross-generational discourse, carrying with them the voices of artists and individuals. The artists collects discarded doors and covers them with gold, he then relinquishes them to the public to be written and marked upon. The doors absorb the thoughts, words and images of their surrounding communities. As part of the 2016 Summit on Women Gender and Wellbeing, Overture Center is proud to present Mr. Adair’s studies for his Golden Doors To Freedom project.

“I want to offer my audience a communal canvas and a platform where we can share our thoughts, dreams, hopes and prayers.” – Bill Adair

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