Just Call Me God: A Dictator's Final Speech
Presented By Overture Center

Just Call Me God: A Dictator's Final Speech

starring John Malkovich

Sat, May 12

Overture Hall: $35 - $80


Ages 6 and up

Due to a change in the schedule of star John Malkovich, Just Call Me God has cancelled its show slated for MAY 12 in Overture Hall. Ticket purchases will be fully refunded and any complimentary tickets simply voided.

John Malkovich defies heaven and earth in a journey to the point where power corrupts absolutely.

A dictator teeters on the brink, and megalomania escalates into full-blown madness. John Malkovich stands against the sound of the mighty Overture Hall concert organ in this astonishing music-drama: an exploration of tyranny in the raw by an actor of unparalleled conviction.

From Nero to Idi Amin, despots have had megalomaniac delusions of divine provenance. Michael Sturminger’s music-theatre piece pits Malkovich against the grandiloquent power of the organ. Organist Martin Haselböck responds with music by Bach, Wagner, and improvisations that build to terrifying climaxes, entwined with the live electronics of Franz Danksagmüller and the ‘final speech’ of Malkovich’s dictator: words against music, genius versus delusion, and at its terrifying heart, an actor who spares no one – least of all himself.

Written and directed by Michael Sturminger Martin Haselböck, musical direction and organ Franz Danksagmüller, live electronics Andreas Donhauser & Renate Martin, set & costumes