Playhouse Gallery Reception - The Sixties Revisited
Presented By Overture Galleries

Playhouse Gallery Reception - The Sixties Revisited

Wed, Jun 13

Playhouse Gallery: Free


All Ages

6 PM – 8 PM


The 1960s was a complex and contentious era of expanding consciousness and social upheaval that profoundly changed our nation. These 33 artists explore the era and its reverberations in our current time.

Artists: Nancy Erickson Dutmer, Michael Duffy, Richard Ely & Martin Saunders, Bruce Fritz, Ray Gloeckler, Caroline Greenwald, Karin Hanson, Lewis Koch, John Kowalczyk, Pat Kroth, Ryan Laessig, Fatima Laster, Katharina Marchant, Robert Matejcek, Andrea Musher, Leslee Nelson, Jill W. Pfeiffer, Pamela Phillips Olson, Beth Racette, Lybra Ray, Chris Revelle, John Riggs, ST Rivera, Katherine Rosing, Leora Saposnik, Cherie St. Cyr, Terry Talbot, Emma VanDell, Dan S. Wang, Bill Weege, Kurt Westbrook, Megan Wilson, Mary Alice Wimmer & Amanda Wood

Image credits: Robert Matejcek, Ray Gloeckler, Cherie St. Cyr, Bruce Fritz, Lybra Ray, Fatima Laster

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