Summer Exhibition Cycle Reception
Presented By Overture Galleries

Summer Exhibition Cycle Reception

Fri, Jul 14

Promenade Lounge: Free


All Ages

6 PM – 8 PM

Join us for the Overture Galleries Summer 2017 Galleries Cycle Reception. Three galleries run from TUE, JUN 13 – SUN, SEP 3:

Gallery I – Impressions and Expressions: Juan Dehoyos & Barry Shuchter
Impressions reflect a method for creating woodcuts, as well as the feelings evoked while viewing art. Expressions refer to a particular style of painting, as well as to reactions elicited in the viewer.

Gallery II – Constant: Caroline Knickmeier & Captured: Amber Sowards
Juxtaposing the changing sky with candid shots of incarcerated youth, these exhibitions reveal the stark contrast between freedom and captivity. Knickmeier explores change and hope in the fluctuating familiarity of sky. Sowards’ exposes the reality of young people’s life behind bars.

Gallery III – Nominal Landscapes: Kenneth Oppriecht, Paul Yurkovich & Chris Norris
Three local photographers explore natural and constructed landscapes of Wisconsin, from the Madison isthmus to the state’s rural outskirts. Each artist has a unique style, yet their work shares a common visual preoccupation with quiet, elemental compositions.

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