Winter Galleries Exhibition Cycle Reception
Presented By Overture Galleries

Winter Galleries Exhibition Cycle Reception

Fri, Jan 12

Promenade Lounge: Free


All Ages

Join us for a reception celebrating the winter cycle of Overture Center Galleries from 6 PM to 8 PM in Promenade Lounge. Three exhibitions run from TUE, DEC 12 – SUN, MAR 4, 2018:

Gallery I – Études
Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists
An étude (French word for ‘study’) is an exercise designed to improve artistic technique. Members of the MCFA each pursued their own étude and created fiber art pieces to demonstrate their mastery of various techniques.

Gallery II – PLACES
Gideon Abbott, Chuck Bauer & Tom Cubr
These artists reveal the tension and tranquility within our environment. Abbott depicts city scenes through a pixilated lens, hinting at tension between technology & humanity. Bauer engages the viewer with nostalgic views of peaceful neighborhoods. Cubr’s compositions suggest potential harmonies where humans and nature interact.

Gallery III – Prisms of Memory
Greg Gregson & Christian Strait
Through different media these artists each explore memory and interpretation.
Gregson uses gestural line and dynamic compositions to interpret everyday objects and imagery. Strait layers photographs of iconic Madison sites to visually illustrate how our minds build memories of physical space.

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