Playtime Productions - Ali Baba & A Few Thieves
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Ali Baba and A Few Thieves

Playtime Productions

Fri, Dec 6

Promenade Hall: Free

Fri 12/06/19 6:30 PM


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All Ages

Suggested Donation: $3 Per Person at the Door

Legendary sisters Sheherezade and Dinarzad narrate this age-old tale about two brothers — one rich and greedy, the other poor and clever — and a band of unusual compatriots in search of treasure hidden in a nearby cave. Recent research into the history of the amazing woman storyteller Sheherezade has been added to the script and notes, including a substantial feminist perspective. Sharing this traditional tale from the Middle East is undertaken with the belief that children’s stories can cross modern cultural divides, providing an ancient bit of folk wisdom for our times.