Boz Scaggs
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Boz Scaggs

Out of The Blues Tour 2020

Mon, Aug 10

Capitol Theater

Overture Center is committed to the safety of our guests, resident organizations, artists, volunteers and staff.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate the widespread suspension of performances during this global health crisis. It is clear that for the health and safety of our community, Overture Center will remain closed and BOZ SCAGGS has been cancelled.

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Ages 6 and up

It’s appropriate that Boz Scaggs’ new album is Out of the Blues, since the blues are what first sparked his five-decade musical career.

Born William Royce Scaggs in Canton, Ohio, on June 8, 1944, he grew up in Oklahoma and Texas, where he spent his teenage years immersed in the blues, R&B and early rock ‘n’ roll. While attending school in Dallas, he played in local combos. After several years as a journeyman musician around Madison, Wis., and Austin, Texas, Scaggs spent time traveling in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, eventually settling in Stockholm where he recorded the album Boz.

“Music has been a constant companion and I’m feeling more free with it than ever,” Scaggs comments. “I feel like I’ve found my voice through all these years, and I’ve gotten closer to where I want to be with my approach.”