Studio Dansu - Coppélia Ballet
Presented By Studio Dansu

Coppélia Ballet

Studio Dansu

Sat, Sep 14

Promenade Hall: $16
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Sat 09/14/19 2:30 PM


In Progress

Sat 09/14/19 6:30 PM


In Progress


Running Time:

90 min with two 10 min intermissions


Ages 6 and up

Children $10

Studio Dansu’s Coppelia production is a full-length comedic ballet adapted from Arthur Saint-Leon’s original. This ballet premiered at the Paris Opera in France in 1870. Coppelia was crafted during the Romantic era of ballet, and was the first to include folk dances and comedy within a classical ballet.

Our production is set in a small village in Poland in the 1800s where a girl named Coppelia sits on her balcony all day reading and never speaking to anyone. A young man named Franz falls deeply in love with her, even though he is already engaged to another. His fiance, Swanhilda, sees Franz throwing kisses at Coppelia one day, and soon learns that Coppelia is actually a doll that belongs to Doctor Coppelius, the mad scientist. She decides to impersonate the doll, in order to win back the love of Franz. Chaos and hilarity ensues, but all is soon forgiven. The village celebrates with several festive dances