I admire the passion of those that have voiced their concern for my animals. What they may not know is the tigers in my show are not props-they are part of my family. I have worked with tigers and have been a animal lover, advocate and conservationist for over 25 years!

My tigers live an amazing life in their sanctuary in Bozeman, Montana. They only travel a few weekends a month and they are never coerced to travel or perform. It is always their choice, and they love it!

My tigers are captive breed and treated with only love and respect. In 1900 there were over 100,000 tigers in the wild. Today there is less than 3,500. Most experts agree tigers will be extinct in the wild by 2025. The tiger’s plight is solvable, through our efforts in India we have helped increase the tiger population by 400 tigers in the last 6 years.

As an animal behaviorist for over 25 years, I have found that tigers can live an amazing, happy and fulfilling life when socialized with humans, but they must be treated and cared-for to the extreme.

I respect the views of others and encourage those that are passionate about this topic to research and learn as much as they can. For example, my 25 year history of raising and caring for tigers is on public record with Fish and Wild Life and the USDA. Those that take the time to look at my record will see I have had an outstanding/perfect compliance record since the inception of my licence 25 years ago.

I feel honored and privileged to be a part of saving these animals in the wild, and I am proud of our work with captive bred tigers. I am honored in sharing with my audiences one of God’s greatest creations, the Bengal Tiger!

Buy a ticket to the show, if you are not inspired by how our tigers look, react and are treated in the show, and if you do not feel that our tigers are willing ambassadors who are helping inspire people to act while there is still time to save this species, I will personally refund the cost of the ticket. I am offering a 100% money back guarantee!*

- Jay Owenhouse

*Money back guarantee is only valid up to 30 minutes after the performance. The request must be submitted to Jay Owenhouse in person, in the lobby after the show. Names and tickets will be collected and a check will be mailed.