Stars shimmered overhead for Overture’s first wedding of the year

Abby and Tyler Rubeor walk down the aisle

“The Overture team did a great job translating our starry night concept to the stage.”

When bride-to-be Abby Chase arrived with her fiancé Tyler Rubeor for their wedding rehearsal at Overture Center, she was excited to see how the scene was set for her special day. As she walked into Overture Hall and spotted the stage adorned with translucent chairs and shimmering overhead lights, she started to cry―happy tears, that is.

“I saw the realization of something we didn’t know was possible,” she said. “The setting was exactly what I had envisioned.”

Planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic took an emotional toll on all parties involved. In late 2019, Abby and Tyler set their wedding date for June 26, 2021. Then COVID-19 hit, and summer, fall and winter 2020 passed with gathering restrictions and health concerns, and so much uncertainty.

“Right up until late this spring, we didn’t know if we could invite 10 guests or 50,” said Abby. “We didn’t want to tell our friends they couldn’t come, but we didn’t know what was happening.”

They waited it out, sometimes feeling hopeless. But through it all, Abby and Tyler stayed committed to their wedding date, chosen strategically based on Tyler’s schedule as a third-year medical student.

“Changing the date really wasn’t an option due to Tyler’s rotations,” said Abby.

The couple decided early on in their engagement to get married in Madison, a location between Abby’s family in Beaver Dam and Tyler’s medical training in Chicago where they now reside. Abby, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, knew of Overture Center as a performing arts center, but wasn’t familiar with it as wedding venue. During a meeting with Overture’s event planning staff, Abby saw a photo of a wedding on Overture Hall stage and loved it.

To help create a vision for their wedding, Abby and Tyler hired wedding planner Sarah Davidson, who Abby’s parents had coincidentally met while waiting in line outside Overture Center to buy Hamilton tickets in September 2019.

Soon the wedding was booked at Overture Center in Overture Hall and plans began to take shape.

“Planning with the Overture team was very collaborative,” said Abby. “The technical team really leaned into our vision for the stage lighting. Everybody was great, bouncing ideas off each other.”

For the ceremony on Overture Hall stage, the couple wanted a moody, dark setting with shimmering lights, as if they were under the stars.

“The Overture team did a great job translating our starry night concept to the stage,” said Abby.

By spring 2021, COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, just in time for Abby and Tyler to invite their full list of guests.

On the big day, June 26, 175 family members and friends showed up at Overture Center to see Abby walk down the aisle on Overture Hall stage to her groom, Tyler. The house lights and stage were initially dark, and during the procession, strings of lights lowered row by row until star-like lights hung above the guests’ heads.

“It was gorgeous!” Abby exclaimed.

The couple enjoyed the contrast between the dark ceremony in Overture Hall and the clean, modern look of Overture Hall Lobby, the setting for the wedding photos and reception.

Abby described the entire day as spectacular―from the venue, setting and food to the speeches, toasts and tears of joy. She felt blessed to be surrounded by the people she loves and to be reunited with friends and family members who she hadn’t seen since before the start of the pandemic.

She highly recommends Overture Center as a wedding venue.

“Overture is an amazing venue. It has an upscale look and showcases all Madison has to offer―the natural beauty of the isthmus, the Capitol, State Street and the University of Wisconsin-Madison,” said Abby, noting Tyler is not from Wisconsin, so their wedding was the first time in Madison for many of their guests. “Plus, no other Madison venue can match Overture’s level of design, service, technical abilities and décor. They gave us exactly what we wanted for our special day.”

Congratulations, Abby and Tyler Rubeor!

Photography + Videography: Paul Gero
Design, Planning + Coordination: HUE by Sarah Davidson
Rentals: Event Essentials
Floral: Gene’s Floral

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