Overture Galleries exhibit inspires local artist to make more art

Erin Liljegren

Overture brings a lot to the community. It is a center that is inclusive to everyone—diverse audiences, young and old—in many forms of art—performance, musical and visual.”

Erin Liljegren is a mixed media artist, creating mostly two-dimensional work. She uses traditional and repurposed materials to create vibrant and colorful paintings and drawings on a variety of subjects, the environment being one of her favorites. She enjoys expressing her activism through her work. “Come Waste Your Time With Me” was Liljegren’s first exhibit at Overture Center.

“My exhibit at Overture Center is about the destruction of our environment through so much waste,” said Liljegren. “I wanted it to make people think about where their one-use materials like plastic go, and how the breakdown takes over 500 years. My goal is to inspire others to move away from this throw-away culture and question the monetary or attachment value we put on objects. We need to make less waste and strive to take better care of our environment.”

Liljegren gets a lot of satisfaction from working with materials that would have ended up in a landfill.

“It makes me happy to elevate such an object to art, to give it another value and to make it something people want again by the involvement of a creative process,” she said.

Being selected to be a part of Overture’s spring 2020 environmental-themed exhibits gave Liljegren a boost to make a whole new body of work on the topic, and she’s continuing to create paintings about consumer waste and the environment.

The spring exhibits were open to the public for only a few days before the building was closed on March 13 due to COVID-19.

“I was excited to be a part of Overture Galleries’ spring exhibit,” said Liljegren. “I felt proud to have my work displayed in this prestigious institution. It’s been a really great experience, aside from the early closing.”

Liljegren enjoyed being paired with another artist and collaborating their duo exhibition together.

“My work was hung in Gallery III with Robert Jaeger’s black and white photography on one wall opposite my colorful mixed media artwork on the other,” she explained. “Together, they made a striking exhibit.”

Liljegren said she is very appreciative for the opportunity to exhibit her work at Overture Center.

“Overture brings a lot to the community. It is a center that is inclusive to everyone—diverse audiences, young and old—in many forms of art—performance, musical and visual. There are many ways to enjoy what Overture has to offer, free of charge. It has something for most, if not all, people in the community,” said Liljegren.

Overture Galleries are accessible to a variety of audiences. The exhibits change by the season and feature a variety of artists working in different disciplines, giving artists an opportunity to be seen by a large amount of people who go to the performances, providing valuable exposure.

“Overture Center is all about music, art and performance. It is Madison’s center location for the arts. It’s imperative to our community and deserves our support,” said Liljegren. “I can’t think of anywhere else in Madison that brings in the same caliber of performances and also presents art that challenges you and makes you think in new ways within the same venue. So many experiences can happen in one place—at Overture.”

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