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Exact Sciences Forward Theater

“The arts spark creativity, and with creativity comes innovation and new solutions.”

A part of the Madison community since 2001, Exact Sciences is committed to pursuing early cancer detection, treatment guidance and monitoring. Leaders at Exact Sciences understand the value of using innovative science to find smart answers, and they want to support science education at all levels. They found an ideal opportunity to do so by sponsoring Overture Center’s National Geographic Live series.

National Geographic Live provides thought-provoking presentations by today’s leading explorers, scientists and photographers. Overture Center has presented the series to Madison audiences since its 2013/14 season with four shows per season, including “Untamed” with wildlife filmmaker and conservationist Filipe DeAndrade, “Designed by Nature” with bioengineer and research diver Kakani Katija, and “Standing on the Water’s Edge” with marine biologist and photographer Cristina Mittermeier.

National Geographic Live is a phenomenal series because it brings some of the world’s most creative, entrepreneurial and smart individuals to Madison,” said Sarah Condella, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Exact Sciences. “It’s a way to make art, science and technology accessible to children and families, and reminds audiences of the role we all play in contributing to society and protecting the environment.”

While the company’s day-to-day activities focus on fighting cancer, it also recognizes the importance of investing in the cultural well-being of the community.

“Having a vibrant arts scene is in Madison is a tremendously valuable asset – particularly as Exact Sciences recruits new employees from around the world to come here,” Condella said. “A lot of people don’t know about all that Madison has going on, but when you start to tell them about the outdoor recreation opportunities, restaurant scene and cultural assets – like Overture – their eyes light up. They see that Madison has that work-life balance and connection to the community they are looking for.”

Exact Sciences’ commitment to the community was further exemplified when the company recently awarded $275,000 in “Forward Spirit” community recovery sponsorships to help organizations cover shortfalls caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to rapidly changing needs. Thirteen nonprofit organizations, including Overture Center, received funding.

In the announcement, Kevin Conroy, chairman and CEO of Exact Sciences, said, “Forward Spirit continues Exact Sciences’ tradition of investing in the people and places where we work. The creativity and dedication of the nonprofit community during this pandemic is inspirational. We hope these sponsorships provide the encouragement and funds these organizations need to dream big and keep pushing forward.”

Overture is honored to be one of the Forward Spirit sponsorship recipients and grateful for Exact Sciences’ partnership in the National Geographic Live series for the past eight seasons, giving employees, students, science enthusiasts and the entire community access to unique natural science events and experiences, where they can find solace, insight and inspiration.

“The arts spark creativity, and with creativity comes innovation and new solutions,” said Condella. “They trigger and inspire people, no matter what it is that you do.”

Overture’s in-person National Geographic Live shows are canceled for the 2020/21 season, but you’ll have a chance to satisfy your NAT GEO cravings through special virtual offerings in January and February 2021! Stay tuned for details.

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